what is think out, be light?

Think Out, Be Light is the coolest, happiest day of the year. 


TOBL is a  fashion show that celebrates children and young adults with special needs. It happens every year on World Down syndrome Day and provides an opportunity for us to remind our friends and loved ones about just how important every human life is. 

Think Out, Be Light is managed and sponsored by the Zoe Communications Agency. 

can my model participate?


Of course! Even though Think Out, Be Light is on World Down syndrome Day, we are welcoming of all children and young adults with learning differences. 

We encourage children and young adults ages 8-32 to submit a quick video, about 15-20 seconds, of their very best model walk! 

Space is limited to 30 models.


Parents and guardians will be notified by September 7.

proceeds from this year's event benefit

Howdy Homemade Ice Cream

It is our goal to support organizations that provide work or education or resources to the special needs community. Sometimes, our goal is to just help out a friend or family in need.


We want to INVEST in some of our favorite entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs like Coleman - he’s the VP at Howdy Ice Cream, a company that provides jobs for people with learning differences.


Proceeds from this year’s event will go to lend a little help to our entrepreneurs that mean so much to our community.

Don’t you think that deserves our intestment?

is this event a fundraiser?

who makes think out be light happen?

Think Out, Be Light is a sweet labor of love curated by the Zoe Communications Agency, a Dallas-based strategic marketing and communications company that works with cities, communities and schools. 

Founded in 2012 by Feleceia Benton, our team has stayed motivated by a little kid named Zoe, born with an amputee with extra chromosome, to always strive to do better for those who could use a few extra spokespeople.

Want to be a model at Think Out, Be Light?

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