What time should my model arrive? Do I need to stay? 

All models should be at Lofty Spaces at 3pm. They can wear comfortable clothes. Please make sure they've had a good meal before they arrive. We'll have some snacks on site, but if you'd like for them to have any additional snacks, please make sure you pack some for them. 

You do not have to stay on site after you drop them off. Please make sure you come in, check them in and introduce yourself! Parents and guests can arrive back at the location at 6pm for the reception. 

Here's the address: 

Lofty Spaces - Dallas 

816 Montgomery, Dallas, TX 75215

What should they bring? 

All models will model 2 times. The first time, they will model our 2020 Think Out, Be Light shirt (which they can keep!) with a pair of tennis shoes. The second outfit will be provided by our stores and designers. We are often allowed to keep these clothes, but we usually don't know until right before the show. We'll want to make sure that those clothes are turned back in before the end of the night. 


Please pack and label a bag with the following: 


  • white undershirt 

  • blue jeans 

  • tennis shoes and/or boots

  • any necessary toiletries - deodorant, wet wipes, etc. 


  • black camisole 

  • black tights 

  • black flat shoes 

  • tennis shoes 

Can I volunteer?

Of course! We could always use some helping hands! Fill out the volunteer registration form here


How do I get tickets?

All models will receive ONE complimentary tickets. All additional tickets can be purchase through our website here.


Please encourage your friends and family members to come and support your model. Think Out, Be Light is one of our favorite opportunities to celebrate children and adults with learning differences! 

What's the schedule for the day? 

3:00 - Arrival/Check-In 

3:10 - Orientation/Walk-Thru

3:30 - Rehearsal/Practice on the Runway 

4:15 - Fittings/Hair and Make-up

5:00 - Boys/Mens Photos 

5:30 - Girls/Womens Photos 

6:00 - Reception/Silent Auction  

7:00 - Show Begins 

8:00 - Intermission 

9:00 - End of Show