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We believe that every person can contribute.

That's why proceeds from this year's event will go to this very special family. 
The Byrd family was known by their love and acceptance of all people.  But especially their deep love for one another.  Their family was close. And everyone wanted to be adopted into this amazing family. 
Almost four years ago, Cameron, their son and brother, was killed in a car accident on icy roads in North Dakota on his way back to Trinity Bible College.
Watching Wendell, Neisha and Cailyn navigate this incredible loss was a true testimony of God’s grace and a faith that was a thing of beauty to behold.  Though there was deep grief, their faith did not allow this tragedy to destroy their love or faith.  They went deeper
into God’s presence and received  grace.
This past year, Wendell started having trouble breathing and was treated for pneumonia. After eight weeks of not getting better, he went to emergency room for breathing treatment. He got worse fast. Two weeks later, they were told Wendell had colon cancer that had spread to his liver and lungs.
Three weeks later, Wendell was gone.

Neisha and Cailyn were heart broken and in shock.  The loss of their husband and dad was devastating.


Two days after Wendell’s death, Neisha was served papers from her landlord to be out of their rental house of nine years. They had 30 days to vacate. 


Neisha works full time at Trinity Christian School as an administrative assistant in the high school.  She has been a stabilizing presence there for 15 years. 


Her job does not pay enough to support their rent and living expenses. 


Neisha and Cailyn’s Friends want to buy them a Byrd House, a forever home, so they do not need to be burdened down with monthly rent or house payment. 


As of January 1, almost $70,000 has been raised for the Byrd House.  Our goal is $150,000 to buy and remodel a home for them. 

And with your help, we believe we can be a part of making that happen. 

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